Our Heritage

David started out as a professional sportsman himself so he understands how important choosing your kit and the special fit needed between your kit and your style of play.
David is an expert bat maker and has been involved in the Cricket industry for many years.

In recent years David decided that it was time to take his passion and enthusiasm for cricket to another level and the idea for the Norfolk Cricket Bat Company was born.
The opportunity to develop our business in Norfolk which is a very special and unique place was just too good to miss. A county where heritage, handmade and centuries of craftsmanship still coexist seemed the perfect combination to us.

David makes special bats in a special county for special players.

Handmade in Norfolk

You can of course buy a bat from a number of manufacturers BUT ask yourself are they handmade, to your specification, using the best quality English willow and by an expert bat maker?

Our bats are handmade and uniquely crafted because we believe it is a vital and vibrant art. England still leads the world in luxury handmade goods and the discerning player knows that. We are proud to be delivering and growing this craft right here in Norfolk.

Very Special Bats

All of you, as players deserve the best handmade bats and our bats are very special. But don’t just take our word for it. In 2015 we entered one bat into the ALL OUT CRICKET GEAR TEST and we came out in the top 10. They said of our bat “suited equally well to crisp cover-drives and lofted slaps over cow, as Tammy Beaumont, who took a particular liking to it, found out.”

All our bats are hand crafted from English Willow for the best quality and optimum performance. We might be small but we already sponsor elite players and supply handmade bats to many more.

David selects all materials himself. Each bat is hand crafted, involving a number of lengthy procedures to ensure that each bat meets out strict quality checks. All our products meet quality guidelines when it comes to performance and appearance. We have also developed our own range of high quality soft leather goods and accessories– which includes leg pads, gloves and bat covers.

Handmade Experience

If you want to experience the full HANDMADE IN NORFOLK adventure then book to come and have your bat made while you wait. You will need to allow two hours on site and the travel time up to rural Norfolk. When you visit us David will take you through all the steps and make the bat that is perfect for you in front of your very eyes. While he works he will regale you with stories of his own professional career as a sportsman, the elite players he works with and the development of our very own special NORFOLK and international brand.